Michigan Roofing

Energy First Roofing

Energy First Roofing Advantages

Quality Roofing

  • Synthetic underlayment which is 6x lighter and 20x stronger then 30lb felt
  • Synthetic underlayment is mold resistant and won’t wrinkle lays flat and UV resistant
  • High wind resistance
  • Proven to survive
  • And a forever lasting look

Packages Available

New Roof in Mid-Michigan

  • 25 Years
  • 30 Years
  • 50 Years
  • Metal Roof

Energy First Home Improvements uses only the highest quality Certainteed Roofs, the leading U.S. manufacturer of low slope and steep slope roofing products. We offer an array of luxury and premium shingle styles, colors and materials, as well as steel roofing. Energy First roofs offer beauty, value and most importantly protection.